MathLynx Philosophy

At MathLynx we see the content of mathematics courses as inherently open-source.   The material is often hundreds of years old and should be available to all, regardless of financial status.   Hence we strive to cover our costs and charge only for value-added interactive features.

We want this site to run on as many devices as possible, and thus are developing it with javascript and html5 as our main interactive languages.   This may change with technology.

Whenever there is a chance, we use open-source presentation tools:
MathJax for mathematical expressions,
Sage as a mathematics engine,
three.js for three-dimensional graphics,
and JSXGraph for interactive plots.

Because of our commitment to open-source technology and tools, we donate a substantial part of our proceeds to the development of these open-source mathematics tools.   After financial obligations are met, we donate 20% of profits to the development of the open-source tools we use here. The remainder is to be reserved for development.